Scott contacted us in this past summer (2014) and said “Iʼm sick of my Triumph Drag Bike!! I pull it out to ride,it breaks down,and I drag it home!!” Not only was reliability an issue he wanted to address,he was also looking for something comfortable he could cruise around on all day,with some bags he could put some stuff in to boot. We had the perfect bike for him,the 1978 Shovelhead FLH you see here.Scott gave us complete creative freedom on this one with just a few small ideas he had in mind.

He wanted a predominately Black bike but agreed it couldnʼt be all black,so we went with a Black and Root beer combination separated by a Cream pinstripe.With the artistic design help of my good friend Mike Wilson we painstakingly took several hours laying out the pinstripes separation lines between the black and brown making sure the black stayed the dominant color.This paint design is a one of a kind and I wanted to make sure everything we did paint wise would compliment the other attributes of the bike,especially the Leather.

To address the reliability issue we went with our tried and true formula of stripping down the entire drivetrain to the essentials.All of our ground up bikes get this treatment.The motor was stripped down to the cases,where we determined that all of the components in the bottom end were in good working order.We then honed the cylinders,gave the pistons new rings and sent the heads off for a fresh valve job.Next we addressed all Transmission issues in the same manner,as well as all clutch and primary issues that would need attention.

Now it was time to give the bike the proper stance.Lowered shocks,new rims wrapped with brand new whitewall tires and a OEM set of handlebars and this thing was already taking the right appearance.Scottʼs a big fan of the city of New Orleans,so he wanted a little of the French Quarter flair in some of our signature Leatherwork so we decided on some Leather Floorboards swapping the standard Harley Oval with Flour De Lisʼ.We also did a custom dash panel made to fit the cat eye dash,our signature Pogo seat that adorns our Tiger Head company logo and a set of our custom saddlebags.Two months later you have what you see here!! Scott came down and picked her up and couldnʼt wipe the smile off his face!!

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