Shovelhead Flattrack Racer

In the Fall of 2012 I decided to finally do something with an old Paugcho Wishbone frame and Springer front end Iʼd been holding onto for a while.I traded a seat job for a four speed transmission,bought a used Shovel motor and started mocking some things up.This is one of my favorite styles of bikes,little did I know it would become one of the three signature styles of bikes we do here at Alleyway and Iʼd soon be building a company around it. The bike was finished in raw form in May,then I decided I wanted to convert it to foot clutch.Everyone loved the raw clear but it still got a few rat bike comments so in July I took on the challenge of fixing the badly beaten old tanks and fenders and painting the bike for real.My wife talked me into going with an off green and cream color scheme that turned out to be so right on the money we accepted an offer from a collector in Central California that wanted to put it in his small racing museum. 

Before it went West, a German Magazine did an article on it.

Hereʼs what they wrote:

This Post War inspired build by Alleyway Kustoms is a stripped down,minimalist,bare bones bike that has a ton of character with class to boot!!!This bike has a Brass Accented 80 cubic inch Shovelhead motor, slid in a Wishbone Paucho Aftermarket frame,and Kicks off with a 1976 Shovelhead 4-speed Transmission.The Custom Set of Handmade Knucklehead Replica Handlebars with an internal throttle top off the 60's Stock Length Paucho Springer front end,and combined with the Enduro Tire wrapped 21" Spool front wheel keep the Flattrack/Boardtrack theme alive.Real Deal Vintage 1959 Panhead Tanks with recessed emblems and true rod shutoff fuel valve wear a Late 40's inspired Cream and off Green Scalloped paint job with a Gold pinstripe tastefully matching the brass hardware throughout the build.The Rear fender is a unknown early model year,featuring Handmade Replica Fender Struts and an aftermarket Brass tailight.

Recently converted to foot clutch hand shift,the Fab Kevin Stainless Steel shift lever sports a custom made Shift Knob holding a recessed American Eagle Coin.Complimenting the overall theme of this Bike is the top notch/high quality Leatherwork that Alleyway Kustoms is known for.The New 2014 Tigerhead/Wing and wheel logo adorns the Custom Mini Solo Saddle Seat and a Brass accented Seat Skirt keeps the battery area neat and clean.

Accompanying the seat is a Messenger Solo Saddlebag to store you're gear for the days ride all the while keeping the tail end of this bike narrow and clean.All parts that are not polished old chrome or new chrome have been powdercoated black for wear and durability(frame,handlebars,floorboard and additional brackets,cat eye dash etc..)

Hand Cast in Poland,the Custom Air Cleaner from Factory Metalworks caps off the S and S Super E carb and Cole Foster Grips keep you're hands cozy on the bars.Standard gearing has been changed on the bike to allow for comfortable rpm's at highway speeds as well as around town.Rear sprocket tooth count has been changed from 51 to 48,tranny sprocket from 23 to 24.